My legs

This is weird! I’ve just bike 16km today but my legs are awfully tired. Can’t be the heat. I’ve biked 52km the other day and it was 29 degrees Celsius + 75% humidity and I was fine. What the heck is going on? I’ve slept like a baby yesterday. In all I slept about 6 hours. Can’t really sleep more than that unless I share my bed with someone else. But I regress! Back to biking shall we? Maybe I should take it easy tomorrow. All I know is I must listen to my body. It knows best. Hurm… I have to include a massage in my next budget. That will help a lot.

Alright then, I gotta take it chill tonight and relax. I feel like have a beer but it is so antagonist to my training. Aaww I feel like Homer now… MUST GET BEER mmmm!!!

No! Gotta resist. Let me crunch them abs or do some yoga instead. That’ll help. I’ll feel way more proud afterward. Yup!


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