It’s been a long time

Hello back everybody.

I know, I know I’ve neglected my blog for more than a month. However now I should not have any excuse since I’ve installed the iPhone app, BABY!

So it’s 5:30pm or 17:30 like they pit here in Quebec and I am waiting for my groceries. Can you believe I went to the supermarket around 1pm. Oohh lemme check the receipt I’ll tell you exactely the time I paid for all my future calories and nutrients on the form of delicious food… (…) (…) Ok! I was there at 1 friggin’ 32pm! Well they warned me it’ll come after 5 but what I dis mentionned yet is I am suppose to meet one of my peep at the cool Burgundy Lion Pub at 6:30. I hate to be late, FOR REAL. Anyway it’s Friday my buddy had my txt about my possible late-titude, so I’m cool.

Maybe I should take that time to just figure out what I want to eat there. Burgundy Lion website has a
web menu! I’m thankful for that. Since I’ve been there before I’ll be able to make a clear choice, right. Their fish&chip is good although quite oily for this temperature. Hurm… I think I’ll go for the St-Ives Sandwich: fried calamari in crusty bread. Geesh, that too is greasy. Oh well!!


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