Just another great day…

Well, I woke up at 6am this morning. What to do when your batteries are fully charged again. Yup I slept a GREAT 8 hours, which is a whole lot for me. I usually go for 5ish hours. So here is the list of all I must do before 9:30pm

– Wash my hair (I have locks or what the majority of people call dread “I HATE THAT TERM” locks) So it’ll take the entire day to dry because I never use a blow dryer, NEVER. Second get rid of that never ending immigration of dust onto my electronic devices and counters. I cannot stand dust!!!! Cleaning my bike, Listen to all my podcast so it means in the shower, while eating breakfast, while mopping the floor etc etc… After that I must go out en enjoy the beautiful SUN!!!! I wanna take pictures but the light is very harsh. I think I’ll wait around 6ish to shoot. So I have marinated the chicken, my fish, my pork for the whole week. I have to make some peanut punch…mmm so good! Oh shoot also have to make some pesto with all the basil I bought yesterday.

As you see, being single doesn’t mean being bored whatsoever. How could I add a girl in all that, huh? When there is a will there is a way. My  fellow friend as you see eyelovelife… indeed!

Na palé pi déven. (talk to you later)


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