Light, Camera, Action!

Here another great find by Mr. Scott Bourne a famous photographer & educator. The book is called Understanding Composition written by Steve Mulligan. There is always something interesting in any books about photography. I personally go to Chapters & Indigo, get myself a nice book on any shelf, put my Grado Sr80’s headphones on, plug ’em to my iPhone and just surf on the great sound of Charlie Parker. That way I don’t have to buy the books – my budget cannot allow so many expensive purchases – Ennéwé, I do respect Scott Bourne’s opinion when it comes to books on and about photography. He himself wrote a couple of ’em -we will discuss that in another post I promise.

So here is the Mr. Bourne review on the book called Understanding Composition by Steve Mulligan.As soon as it hits Chapters & Indigo I’ll read it and tell what I think.

In the meantime stay positive.

P.S. I did not put Steve Mulligan’s website link only because the last update goes to 2004. Yeah, you know now.


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