X as in Ten.

images-11I dunno what to think of the movie. I’m talking about X Men 4th installment,  Wolverine something something…(the title is uselessly long). I don’t consider myself as a true “connnaisseur” of Wolverine however what I know, well I know it! Am I pissed they butchered a couple of X Men stories and packed everything in one single movie… Not really. What else could they do? Emma Frost, Cyclops, Stryker & oh yeah Deadpool. They are all there but some of them should not. Some like Emma Frost & Cyclops, will meet Logan way later at the Xavier Mansion in NewYork. Ennéwé I do not intend to criticize everything not fitting in the movie. Hell I paid 12 bucks for a good time. Okay I’m not gonna lie anymore and tell you the truth. I had very low expectations when I decided to see it. The trailers were sucky ducky, Jackman is too tall, the 3rd X Men movie I did not see because the 2nd was awful & the 1st was dull. For what it was, the movie was not that bad. I had a good time watching stuff exploding, bad acting and Will I.Am get his ass kicked, WORD! Ennewé for me, the X Men movies don’t deserve all the bling they get from us… except this one. Silver screen or Blu-Ray (or torrent) whatever the method you choose, do like me, expect low you won’t be disappointed at the end… Oh BTW stay in your seats for a lil’ something at the end. If you know your favorite canadian super heroe stories, you’ll understand the saké drinking (I am not spoiling anything, trust me).

In the meantime, check the Marvel web site on Logan‘s life if you want to be informed before spending that 12 dollars. It is not complete nor perfect but it is a start. Now thinking, perhaps the wikipedia page about Wolverine could be beneficial to your knowledge.

Stay Positive (growl..)


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