TED – Gregory Stock & bio ethics in the near future

Wow! I’ve just watched this TED talk with Gregory Stock made in 2003. http://blog.ted.com/2009/04/how_biotech_wil.php Boy he had a vision this guy. I cannot say I agree or not with all he said or the opposite as a matter of fact however, one of his last sentences saying that we are the objects of the current changes in our lives due to the technologies. Someone wrongly attributed this saying to André Malraux “Le 21e siècle sera religieux ou il ne sera pas“. Mainly the 21st century will be religious or not.  If that will be the case or IS the case – since we are way in the 21st century – , we must realize there will be more than religion to think about with the uprising temptation of technology gives to humanity. Ethics is just one major effect derived from our usage of technology. Through past centuries – ok all of our history – we’ve not only built great societies. Our sometimes inane human nature, our infinite skill to never be able to speak in one voice (we just have to watch how the U.N. works for starters or all the negare regarding the greenhouse effects) will (is) not help. Can we imagine now all people of power discussing about ETHICS? Maybe people of power should not have a voice but experts? I’m just saying… Dentist to teeth, nerds to computers, plumber to pipes, philosophers to philosophy, bio tech ethicist to… bio tech ethics! I’m just saying…

Nobody knows what the future holds exactly but sure thing to say we know our current actions or inactions will heavily dictate what kind of life our children and grand-children will live. (well d’uhhh…)

Ennéwé, watch it, read about it, talk about it.


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