Total access for CHEAP!

Ok I was listening to MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte at the helm, Scotth Bourne and Andy Ihnatko. Weekly I like to automatically get the podcast from iTunes – it’s soooo easy that way – and boom! In the bus I do not listen to music no mo’… I listen to podcast. In this week episode Leo Laporte had found a little gadget called PogoPlug It allows you to access the bits & bites on your external hard drive ANYWHERE ON EARTH! Yes Bob, ANYWHERE! There is virtually not much to do but to create an iron clad password, plug your hard drive USB 2.0, your router thru the ethernet port and VOILÀ. It’s 99.00$ but if you need to access yo’ shizm from afar… ze pogo plug is what you need. I’m gonna get myself one of these because… just because I can darn it! We never know, I might be pretty handy!

In the meantime people, stay positive.


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