Let The Good Times Blog…

Hello every body!

Doing this is helpful. It keeps a mind like mine focused. In a week I went from zero to two blogs! Can you believe that? I will provide you with news about MOI (personal stuff must I say) since on my other blog lifeisnoize.com my work will be more of a collaboration with the co-editor Phil.


For starter, I’m planning to go see IMAGINE at the Museum Of Fine Arts in Montreal. I dunno what to expect from it. Hurm, I think it will be short but will it be sweet? I think the political message is very diluted nowadays. The artistic side will probably give me more umph! I repeat I do not know what to expect since, well John is dead, and Yoko is not, although being a very sweet woman, the best “porte-parole” for the cause.

Forty years after the famous bed-in, the message of peace is somewhat a message of failure. Ooh I hear your thoughts now! Let me do some explaining. In the past forty years we had let’s see the Vietnam War, Gulf War, Balkan War, Chechnya War(s), Sudan, Tutsi vs Hutus, 9-11, the current Iraq & Afghanistan Wars, Somalia and so many other conflicts & genocide.

There is this saying in french which goes like this :”ON NE PEUT PAS ÊTRE CONTRE LA VERTUE”.  Literally “one cannot be against virtue” – There must be an equal in English – Is PEACE an obsolete virtue? Is peace still relevant? I don’t know. What do you think?

Yoko Ono & John Lennon like I said are icons. Will I go see the icons or will I go see it because I cannot be against the message? Will I go just because it is hip to talk about it in a party? Will I go because I believe artists -icons or not- have power to change minds? I repeat I don’t know? All I know is I would like to read from you. I am not asking you to disagree or to agree with me that is beyond the point, unless…

So here is the link for the exposition.  http://www.mmfa.qc.ca/imagine/en/index.html

Once I see it I will post here & also on lifeisnoze.com

In the meantime, stay positive.


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